Available to order from 19th Jan – 28th Feb

Hello, we’re Staark.

The clothing industry has been the most wasteful industry on the planet. We don’t want to be part of that and we’re pretty sure that you don’t either.

That’s why we’re doing things a bit differently. 

We’re making our clothing in capsules and separates – and we’re making them to order, in batches.  So every garment has a home to go to before it’s manufactured.

We don’t like waste, so the traditional way of producing lots of garments and then having a bunch of stock in the wrong size, shape or colour – only to be sold off at massive discount or sent back for recycling – well, this just seems dumb.

Staark is a B-Corp and we’re are part of a global community of companies trying to do things better.

The disposable fashion business model is something we’re keeping away from. We want you to buy clothes that you can love and trust, clothes that will last you a long time; made ethically and responsibly.

As well as doing the right thing for the planet, we’re making our garments differently too. 

Firstly, our women’s clothing is designed entirely from the ground up with a woman’s body in mind, its not a small pink version of the men’s clothing. 

Secondly, cycling clothing hasn’t really progressed in years so we went back to the drawing board and started from scratch. We think you’ll love how we’ve reimagined what performance clothing can be – and how it works a lot better for the modern athlete.

Thirdly, we’re building to order and running our garment production in batches. 

We’re a young, new company and we’d love you to help spread the word – please tell all your friends, family and work colleagues.

We look forward to seeing you in Staark clothing this Summer!

Steve & Alasdair