Cycling isn’t just a thing we do, it’s how we live

Staark was born one cold autumn morning when we realised that just maybe all the apparel currently available in the market doesn’t quite actually cater for every body shape.

We watched our cycling companions pulling on garments that were either too loose or tight in places; for the outlay they had all made on their beautiful bicycles, they were owed clothing that had an equal amount of much attention paid to it.

Staark’s founders aren’t ex-pro cyclists, they are grassroots cyclists who have loved the sport since their childhood years, growing up through BMX, mountain biking, cycle-commuting and road cycling.

Between them they have many years of experience on the saddle; and an absolute desire to make garments that not only fit perfectly, but out-perform the competition.

Now with years of designing, testing & refining we’re ready to share Staark apparel with everyone.


We’re big proponents of women’s cycling, and we’re even more passionate about creating the right fit for different female body shapes. Basically, we don’t just ‘make it pink’.

Our women’s jersey is currently in design phase and will be coming soon, so watch this space!

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